Monday 22nd September


Power Clean & Push Jerk
10min to find a Heavy but neat single


EMOM – 10min
(e)-4 Push Jerk TnG @70% of above
(o)-6 T2B


3 Rounds (15min cap)
400m run
10 Squat cleans 60/40


A1           2x1min Unbroken Alt Step ups – no rest (16/12 KB’s)
A2           2xME* Double Under – 90sec rest
*if your ME is less than 75 do 75

Saturday 20th Septemebr


In teams of whatever you wish, The main focus will be on the Deadlift, so make sure your team is roughly the same strength in this movement.

20min AMRAP
2 Deadlifts (as heavy as possible)
4 Muscle ups (scale to strict pull ups or strict C2b, strict C2R false grip)
6 Thrusters 60/40
8 T2B
100m sprint

In Indian file one one member doing a movement at any time
You can overtake a team mate but they must stop their rep and let you get onto the next movement before continuing.

Friday 19th September


Snatch Complex
1 x Snatch, 2x Snatch Balance
15 min to find Max


12min AMRAP
8 T2B
8 KB Swing snatch (ea) 24/16
8 Burpee Box jumps


5xME false Grip Chest to rings/strict muscle up (rest as needed)

2xME unbroken double unders (rest as needed)
before each set of Doubles you have to push the prowler for 30sec first, use a moderate weight as this will increase each week

These two are not super sets finish one before the other

Thursday 18th Septemebr


3xME Strict HSPU into Kipping*(scale to ME or 1min Hold) – 90 sec rest


3×10 Barbell split Jumps* 20/15 (1 jump = 1rep) – 90 sec rest

*if you can do more than 8 strict, use a deficit
* scale barbell to unweighted


40 OH Squats 50/37.5
20 Hollow Rocks
40 Wall Balls
20 Hollow Rocks
40 Air Squats


5×1 Power clean, 1 push Jerk, 2 Split jerks
TnG the power clean to Push Jerk, set for the split
build to a max


5x200m Sprints on rower – rest 1:1

Monday 15th September


Hang Snatch (above knee)
10min to find a heavy but neat single (no misses)


EMOM – 8min
(e)          6 Power Snatch TnG @60% of above (24 reps)
(o)          ME Push Up (adv Strcit HSPU)


10min AMRAP
6 Front Squats 60/40
5 Push Press
4 Pull Ups (adv Bar MU)


Post       A1           3×15 GHD Sit ups – 90sec rest

A2          3×5 One arm OH KB Squat (ea) – 90 sec rest
when you see A1 – A2 this is a superset much like an EMOM odd and even just with a designated rest period