Wednesday 21st Jan

10min to practice handstands/holds/push ups


3×5 – no rest
at about 80% of 5rm, do not TnG, reset each rep and concentrate on pulling your shoulders to your hips engaging the lats


Strict HSPU
3×5 – 90sec rest

B1 and B2 are supersets, complete the 1st set of B1 then B2, using the rest period allocated


10min AMRAP
2 Turkish Get ups (1ea) 24/16
10 KB STOH (ea)
12 Box jumps

Monday 19th Jan

Make sure you have registered for the Crossfit Open, with the scaled division there is no excuses this year guys, lets all suffer together. If you can pass your judges course that will also be a massive help. This link will take you to the website to register.


Pull Up/Muscle up tech.
5×3 Strict pull ups, false grip C2R (seated), strict ring Muscle up


Ring Dip
5×3 dips (weighted if needed)
scale to ring support and assisted ring support


For Time
50 Power Cleans 50/37.5
75 Burpees
break up however you want