Friday 28th March


Snacth Complex
1 power snatch + 1 hang squat snatch
15min to find a max lift


15min AMRAP
1200m run (buy in) – record this time
5 snatches 85% of above
6 burpee bar jumps


Spend some time getting inverted


STABILITY!! Is it really necessary????

As CrossFit athletes stability is an extremely important aspect of fitness. This can cover a range of movements some examples would be: The Snatch, you are strong through all your pulls and make a solid catch at the bottom, but always loose the bar on the stand……. Pistol Squat, you can pistol no worries, but if you do not stand straight away you fall over………..As you get tired when ever you kettlebell swing the bell throws you forward……… All are examples of a lack of stability. Most stability issues (I did say most not all) can be directly related to core strength and or correct weight distribution. Some quick fixes for the above mentioned problems are:

Snatch: Assuming it’s not a shoulder issue. Try doing some snatch balances, hold at the bottom for three seconds before standing, get you balance
first don’t rush, an even distribution of weight should be through your feet, never on your toes but not all on your heels. Get used to what this
feels like then be in that same position before you stand up the SNATCH

Pistol Squat: Try going off the side of a box, this way you do not have to worry about the other leg not touching the ground, get down low and hold
you will find this much easier to stay down in that bottom position. You can also straddle a pole use your hands and walk yourself down the pole
until you reach the bottom. Briefly let the pole go and grab it again, play around with your positioning until you find a balanced spot, most will
find the sternum over the pistol leg is the most balanced spot. Now try to get that position again in you next PISTOL SQUAT

Kettlebell Swing: Get off you damn toes, pretty simple really, as the kettlebell passes through your legs a good 70% of your weight should be on
your heels. My toes and the ball of my feet are off the ground as the kettlebell passes through my legs, with it balancing out 50/50 at the top of
the swing. Try not to bend your legs to much as you swing the bell, its should only just miss your groin on the way through, your chest up and your
hammy’s loaded (not your quads). This will improve your stability in you Kettlebell swing

These are just some quick fixes, if your problem persists talk to your coach and have them look for you, It may be a mobility issue that might need further attention, with some SMFR or a quick trip to the physio. Either way have the issues sorted and not only will you improve as an athlete, you will remain injury free.