Hoodies, singlets and shirts are now in guys. We will have a shopping day On Saturday, Sunday and Monday. There are 190 items so should be plenty to go around however this will be a first in first served scenario. We will get more if we need.






Easter this week guys so read up for the opening hours and CrossFit Times

Friday  – CLOSED
- As Normal
Sunday – As Normal
Monday – 9am – 6pm
Friday 25th ANZAC DAY – 12pm – 6pm

Friday – None
Saturday – No lifting – 10:00am CrossFit
Sunday – None
Monday – 10am CrossfitANZAC DAY – TBA

These are the only classes running these days, feel free to come in at other times the gym is open to do the WOD yourself. With ANZAC it is normally morally right not to open before 12pm, I’m just finding out  weather we can open to do a hero WOD only to honor our soldiers. Keep an eye out for this



Get the App

If you have yet to download the new CFQ app for your phone, then get on it, once we have everybody using it we will start to give out reward point, these points will reward you with discount vouchers, clothing and other cool stuff.

I am also working with Lyndon “The app man” and have tested the personal logging feature on the app. This will go live shortly, here you will be able to not only log you WOD score but also all your PR’s and benchmark workouts.

This is the link to the app store



Try some of these sites for great mobility, apparel and news

mwod2              Gym Quip

dhf           Rx-Logo-NEW10




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  1. Hey Kane is it ok if I drop in for the 9.30am WOD on Thursday ?? I’m in town so thought why not

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