Monday 24th


Bench Press
15min to Find a 5rm



2×5 Strict HSPU – 90 sec rest
(use a deficit to make it so 5 is close to your max)


2x1min Max double unders – 90 sec rest

B1 and B2 are supersets and to be performed one after the other with the allocated rest time


7min AMRAP
25 Double Unders
5 Power Cleans 80/60
1 Jerk

Saturday 22nd

In teams of three go head to head with another team

Team A is the CHASER (timer) and team B is the LEAD (scoring)

Team A
150 Burpees plate jumps for time (10min cap)
this can be broken up into whatever rep scheme you want just get it done

Team B
3 Deadlifts 130/100
15 Wall balls
7 T2B
Indian file each member must complete the required reps, just cannot be on the same movement together

Christmas Party

Hey guys don’t forget the Christmas party on the 13th of December. If you are after some new lifters without the hassel of postage, or just some advise on a comfortable running shoe the guys from Athletes foot will have a stall selling product giving advise.

Inov8 CrossFit Facebook Artwork

By hurrikanefitness


The Oxford dictionary defines virtuosity as:

Great skill in music or another artistic pursuit:
“a performance of considerable virtuosity”

In our pursuit of becoming better crossfitters or indeed just better at life, we would define VIRTUOSITY at performing the “common uncommonly well”.

What is meant by this is, that in crossfit the movements that we do often (pull ups, handstands, snatch, clean & jerk etc…) are common movements, in order to better at Crossfit or to be fitter or to be stronger, faster more agile you need to master these movements, so much so that they become second nature and can be performed under certain load with little too no effort, and each and every time each movement replicates its self exactly whenever it is performed.

Lets look at two of the sports that we use so much as training tools Gymnastics and Olympic Lifting.
in Oly lifting the Athletes practice positioning and bar path on a daily basis, they practice this so often that by the time they take the stage, they do not have to think about keeping the bar close, getting their elbows high or keeping their chest up, displaying virtuosity while training makes this automatic. Unlike Olympic lifting which really only has two movements to worry about, Gymnastics is more like CrossFit in terms of the amount of movements that need to be mastered in order to achieve you goals. At the end of the day the goal of gymnastics is to be perfect to get that 15.0 in your local competition, performing your routine with no mistakes will only get you a 14.9, in order to get that perfect score the athlete must show virtuosity as well as originality and risk, there are so many movements and apparatus in Gymnastics not only do the athletes need to perform their routine with no mistakes, but each and every movement from a Double twisting backsault with a two quarter turn perfectly, to the little skip that gets them to the corner before the big tumble routine, its that little skip “the common” that needs to be done “uncommonly well” to achieve your goals.

In CrossFit, you probably can snatch 100kg, but can you put 90kg on the bar and hit 10/10.  You may be able to do 50 box jumps in a row but have to do a little double jump before exploding onto the box each time. Practicing these “common” moves until you are doing them “uncommonly well” will lead to massive improvements, not necessarily because you are stronger or faster but because you are more efficient, being more efficient enables you to save energy so you can use it when you really need it.

If you would like help to achieve more virtuoso in your training, or you find and train to a goal visit this page OTHER SERVICES

Happy Crossfitting

Tuesday 18th November


EMOM – 10min
1 x hang clean + 3 x Push jerk 60/40 (if you hit all 10 last time go a little heavier)
each minute add extra Hang clean until time is up or you can no longer complete the set


2 Rounds for time (20min Cap)
Block run
20 Strict Pull Ups (Scale to ring rows or 3 sec negative)
30 KB Swings 32/24



Clean Complex
10 min to find Max
1 Hang Clean + 1 Clean + 1 Split Jerk


Snatch Balance
6 x 2 @ 70% of snatch 1rm


3×5 Snatch High Pull – 60 sec rest


3×10 Back Extension – 60 sec rest

Friday 14th November


Bench Press
5×2 @100% (of 5rm)


Split Jerk
10min – build to a heavy but neat single
we have 1rm C&J tomorrow no need to go for a max today


10min AMRAP
15 STOH 50/37.5
ME unbroken Double unders
score is total double unders, if you struggle to string 10 together then do 20 broken before push press