Brief News

As you may have noticed the toilets and showers are still not up and running, a concrete cutter is coming in today to get to the broken pipe under the slab, after this has been done it will only be a matter of days until we are good to go.

After the toilets are up and running, I will then move onto getting that side area up and running, it will have a prowler track, cable crossover, dumbbells, pull up rig and power cages. An extra program will then be released for those wanting to do a little more than class WOD’s, I believe this is essential to those who want to see how far than can go with crossfit and are after that bit of extra strength. This area will be available to you anytime the gym is open.

September Time Table Changes

As of Monday 1st September a few changes will be made to the time table, they will be updated on the Class page Thursday night, they will be as follows,

Lifting will now be on Tues and Thurs at 5:30 (no Thursday morning) and as normal on Saturday

Crossfit will get the two Thursday morning slots at 5:00am and 6:00am, the 5:30pm class on Thursday will be moved to 4:30

Any quires feel free to get a hold of me


No Classes Saturday and Monday

With the Affiliate all-stars this weekend we will not be holding any classes Saturday Morning or Monday Morning, all our coaches are competing as well as a large number of our members, classes will resume as normal from 9:30am  Monday Morning, apologies for any inconvenience that this may cause you.


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  1. Hey Kane is it ok if I drop in for the 9.30am WOD on Thursday ?? I’m in town so thought why not

  2. Hi there, I don’t see any info for travelling crossfitters to drop in on a class or two or a nice easy way to contact you… I’ll be in Oz early July and while in town would like to visit a box or two. Cheers from Canada

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