Tuesday 21st October


Bench Press
15min to build to a 5rm


Every 2min – 8min
5-10 Strict ring dips (scale to box) +
in remaining time or ME (if less than remaining time) Plank – add weight if needed


12min AMRAP
SURPRISE !!!!!!!!!!!


For those New to bench here are a few pointers



Hang Snatch/Snatch
5×1 at 90% of last weeks heaviest 3 position

OH Squat
3×4 @90% of 1rm

Push Press/Dip
A1 4×6 @105% of last weeks heaviest – no rest
A2 4xME ring/box dip – 90sec rest


12min AMRAP
SURPRISE !!!!!!!


Saturday 18th October


Teams of 2, As last week pick a team you will play another team, one of you will be the timer the other the Scorer

T1 (Timers)
12 Box jumps
200m run
6 rounds must be completed (3 each), after the 1st person has completed the box jumps the second may start, however they cannot start the run until their partner is back

T2 (scorer)
30 Double Unders
1 snatch (at a chosen weight)
your score will be after one round 30(for the doubles) + the weight of the snatch, you only get one attempt, if you miss your partner starts his/her double unders

e.g if you snatched 60kg and made the lift your score for round one would be 90, If you partner snatched 40 and missed the lift his/her score would be 30 your team total in the first round will be 120

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Late Post

Apologies for today’s late post guys, I was at the Canberra Hospital until 4:30 with Caleb, and for the skeptics here is some video proof

WARNING: if you are a little squeamish you may not want to watch, this is actually the softest part where they were finishing washing the wound, before this they stuck a implement similar to a cotton bud right up the gash……. Awesome viewing


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Thursday 16th October


Hang Squat Clean Thruster
5 x 3 build to a heavy but neat weight
first time for most just practise the movement


For time (18min Cap)
400m Run
20 Hang Clean Thrusters 50/30
400m Run
10 Hang Clean Thrusters 70/50
400m Run

Lifting & WOD

Clean & Jerk Cluster
5 x3 @80% of 1rm

Front Squat
5×3 @80% of 1rm

Reverse Hyper/Ring Push Ups
A1 – 4×10 reverse hyper – rest 60sec
A2 – 4xME Ring Push up


For Time (12min cap)
400m Run
12 Hang Clean Thruster 70/50
400m Run
12 Hang Clean Thruster

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Wednesday 15th October


3xME Strict HSPU into Kipping*(scale to ME or 1min Hold) – 90 sec rest


3×20 Barbell split Jumps* 30/20 (1 jump = 1rep) – 90 sec rest

*if you can do more than 8 strict, use a deficit
* scale barbell to unweighted


5 Rounds
8 Deadlifts 120/90
8 C2B Pull ups (upscale to 5 ring Muscle ups)

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Tuesday 14th October


Every 2min (12min = 6 rounds)
8 Power Cleans 70/50
8 Lateral Bar burpees


20min AMRAP
8 Ring dips
10 Hollow Rocks
12 Box Jumps

Lifitng & WOD


3 Position Snatch
15 min Build build to a heavy set


OH Squat
3×5 @85% of your 1RM


Strict Press/dip
A1   4×5 @85% of last weeks heaviest – no rest
A2   4xME Ring/box dip – Rest 90 sec

WOD (replace this with c)

12min AMRAP
12 Ring Dips
20 Hollow Rocks
12 Boxjumps

Monday 13th October

This is a deaload week before hitting 1RM next week, with the lifting and heavy stuff really aim for technique and form over weight, you will have a chance to go big next week


Pause Snatch
5×2 (bar comes from the ground, pause for 3 sec at the knee)
build to a moderate weight

6min AMRAP
3 Power Snatch (AHAP)
8 T2B


6min on Clock
10 Single Arm KB Push Jerk (L) 24/16
200m Run
10 Single Arm KB Push Jerk (R)
200m run
ME KB Swings


A – Snatch Balance – build as heavy as possible, rest as needed

B – Tabata. Airdyne